What’s New in Betaflight 4.5: Improvements and How to Update?

by Oscar

It’s been almost a year since the release of Betaflight 4.4, and now, with Betaflight 4.5 finally in Release Candidate 1 (RC1), we are exciting about the new features and improvements it offers. This post will touch on some of the major upgrades in Betaflight 4.5 and demonstrate how to flash it. With hundreds of merge requests for Betaflight 4.5, most people would not have the patience to sift through them all. This overview will give you some ideas of what to expect.

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How to Update to Betaflight 4.5

Note that Betaflight 4.5 is still in beta, wait for the official stable release if you want to be safe. If you want to give 4.5 a try now I will show you how.

Install New Configurator

Download the latest Betaflight Configurator 10.10.0 here, at the time of publishing, it’s still a release candidate, older configurators will not work properly with BF4.5: https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight-configurator/releases.

  • For Windows, download: betaflight-configurator_10.10.0_win64-installer.exe
  • For MacOS, download: betaflight-configurator_10.10.0_macOS.dmg

Backup Settings

Back up your flight controller using the Presets tab before updating to Betaflight 4.5. If anything goes wrong, you can always revert to your previous state (i.e., flash the old firmware then restore the preset).

An alternative backup method is using STM32CubeProg, which backs up your firmware as well as config in a single file: https://oscarliang.com/backup-fc-stm32cubeprogrammer/

Flashing BF4.5

Because BF4.5 is still a release candidate, follow these additional steps:

  1. Go to the firmware flasher tab.
  2. Enable the “Show Release Candidates” option, and select “Release and Release Candidates”.
  3. Auto-detect your flight controller target or manually select the correct one.
  4. Select the latest firmware version, in this case “4.5.0”.
  5. Under Build Configuration (Cloud Build System), select the features and protocols you want to include in your build. The default should work fine for a quad that uses ExpressLRS/Crossfire. If you want to learn more about the process of flashing, see this detailed tutorial: https://oscarliang.com/flash-update-betaflight/.

If you encounter any issues while flashing, refer to my FC driver troubleshooting. One common problem with new flight controllers is failing to enter DFU mode: https://oscarliang.com/fc-driver-issues-flash-firmware/


First thing first, calibrate the Accelerometer in the Setup tab. Check board direction also, make sure the 3D model in the configurator moves in the same direction as your actual quad.

The basic flight parameters in BF4.5 haven’t changed from 4.4; thus, previous filters, PID settings, and other tuning values should not require changing.

Importing a 4.4 CLI dump or preset backup might work in most cases. However, it’s safer and recommended to configure BF4.5 from scratch. Users of GPS Rescue, Angle, and Horizon modes should NOT use their old values, as these modes have undergone significant changes. For beginners, I have a Betaflight setup guide here: https://oscarliang.com/betaflight-firmware-setup/.

There are sections of the CLI diff/dump you can safely pull in from 4.4 to 4.5:

  • Features
  • Serial
  • Beacon
  • LED
  • Color
  • Aux
  • OSD
  • Rate profile

And just to be safe, I would probably manually set up the rest. If you made screenshots of the Configurator tabs, just mirror those settings. Load RC Link preset for your particular packet rate. That’s it.

Important: DO NOT use 4.3 or earlier CLI dumps or Presets in 4.5!

New Features in Betaflight 4.5

GPS Rescue Improvements

Betaflight 4.5 focuses significantly on GPS functionalities, introducing impressive improvements in the GPS Rescue Mode (a feature simliar to Return-To-Home). While Betaflight 4.4’s GPS Rescue Mode was somewhat functional and capable of landing independently, it tended to be a bit wobbly, as demonstrated in my videos. The new release makes the whole process considerably smoother.

M10 GPS Support

In Betaflight 4.4, configuring M10 GPS modules was essential for optimal performance, and it’s a tedious process. However, with BF4.5, such manual configuration is no longer necessary. The flight controller in 4.5 will detect the GPS class (e.g., M10 and M8) and apply the required configuration automatically.

Angle and Horizon Modes Updates

Both Angle and Horizon modes have been overhauled to enhance responsiveness. For FPV pilots who frequently use Angle or Horizon mode, this update is set to noticeably improve the flying experience. The new “Earth referencing” option, which is enabled by default, automatically adds some roll inputs while turning using yaw. This feature keeps the turn feeling more “coordinated,” thus making control more enjoyable and easier, especially for new pilots.

Artery AT32 FC Support

Official support has been introduced for the AT32 flight controllers, a topic we discussed back in May last year: https://oscarliang.com/at32-flight-controllers/

LED Strip Improvements

LED Strip functionality has been enhanced with new color selection options and reduced CPU load for complex configurations. Another cool feature is the automatic setting of LED color according to the user’s VTx channel, simplifying the process of assigning a unique color to all LEDs on a quad in races.

Softer Landing

The new EzLanding feature, activated through CLI, minimizes drone bounces during landings, even when airmode is on. This is particularly beneficial for heavy lifters.

Adjustable RPM Filter Strength

The new “Dimmable RPM Harmonics” feature allows users to adjust the strength of individual RPM filters. If one of the three RPM filters is less needed, its strength can be reduced to decrease the overall filter delay slightly.

Racing Related New Features

GPS Lap Timer: This feature enables the use of a GPS on racing quads to measure lap times. It’s a valuable tool for practice, though it may not match the precision of dedicated race timing equipment.

RPM Limiter: It limits the maximum average RPM to a user-specified value, aimed at making FPV drone racing fairer.

Betaflight on Wings

While it’s not widely known, Betaflight can actually be used on fixed-wings. Improvements in Betaflight 4.5 enhance the handling of wings, especially during landings. However, Betaflight remains a basic firmware for wings, and for those serious about wings, iNav or Ardupilot might be better options.

Better Cloud Build and Custom Build Options

The cloud build system in Betaflight 4.5, while maintaining a similar user interface to the previous version, boasts numerous enhancements – it’s simpler, more reliable, and more polished.

The new Custom Build Options are additional code blocks for the Cloud Build System, available only if built into the flashed firmware. These options are optional, catering to a niche user base or still under development. They may eventually merge into the master code, but currently, they remain as custom build options.

Other Improvements

Many other aspects have been enhanced in Betaflight 4.5, which might not be immediately apparent to average users. For a comprehensive list of new features, you can visit: https://betaflight.com/docs/wiki/release/Betaflight-4-5-Release-Notes

If there are any new features or improvements that are significant to you but haven’t been mentioned, please share them in the comments.

Final Thoughts

Betaflight 4.5 offers something for every type of pilot, whether you’re into racing, long-range flying, or freestyle. While this update may not introduce drastic changes in flight performance, the GPS and utility enhancements are particularly exciting. The focus in this version seems to be more on refinement than a revolution, yet it marks a significant step forward. As the firmware continues to evolve, I’m excited to see how these developments will enhance our flying experiences.

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Piotr Kojder 6th May 2024 - 9:37 pm

please make some updates. Final release of 4.5 has bugs making Your quad useless in some cases. Some FC such as Kakute F7, some Mateks, SpeedyBee F7 v3 are unable to spin motors after update to 4.5

Grooperdude 1st June 2024 - 5:36 pm

i am SO happy i decided to read the comments. I have 2 brand new FCs and 1 is the speedyBee F7 v3 and the other is Kakute H7 ( not the F7 version…but still). i will most definitely hold off on using BF4.5 when i finally finish building my new quad. You probably save me hours of troubleshooting and frustration. Thankyou.

Piotr Kojder 5th May 2024 - 10:30 pm

Flashing Speedybee F7 V3 with BF 4.5 makes it useless. Motors doesn’t spins, bidirectional dishoot shows errors.

Deivis Sajermann Sergio 23rd February 2024 - 9:07 pm

Hi Oscar, thanks for the rich information… Is there any official date to release the 4.5 ?
RC1 and RC2 is quite a while being used, without big issues… I am happy with the RC2, but… Is there a criteria to define “when” the version is fully tested ? I don’t know, just feeling that the official version 4.6 will be launched before the 4.5 🤣… Thanks bro…

Oscar 23rd February 2024 - 11:10 pm

Yea I feel the same about release candidate that’s why I’m not updating all of my quads yet :)
I don’t think there’s a definite date yet but let’s hope it’s soon!

saturn_fpv 9th January 2024 - 3:36 am

It should be made clear, that gps timer and rpm limiter are two of the five custom build options.