Review: Flywoo Venom H20 Mini FPV Drone

by Oscar
Flywoo Venom H20 Mini Fpv Drone Hexacopter Gopro Hero10 Bones Camera Led

The Flywoo Venom is a 2-inch mini hexacopter that is designed to carry a naked GoPro, with an all up weight under 250g. It has a small form factor by flipping over the middle motors to minimize the overall size of the drone.

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Where to Buy?

There are different receivers: ELRS, Crossfire, Frsky and DJI. And optional accessories.

Get spare propellers (Gemfan D51x5):

Get batteries:

Flywoo Venom H20 Mini Fpv Drone Hexacopter Unbox Accessories

What’s included:

  • 1x Prebuilt Venom H20 Hexacopter
  • 8x D51-5 Props
  • 2x Battery Strap
  • 1x Hardware Set
  • 6 x spider web prop guard

Specs and Features

Flywoo Venom H20 Mini Fpv Drone Hexacopter

  • It’s a tiny 2″ hexacopter (6 motors) with a special motor arrangement to minimize its size
  • More than powerful to carry a Naked GoPro camera and other popular HD action cameras, and still feels punchy
  • Available for both DJI FPV system and later, Walksnail Avatar FPV system (a.k.a Fatshark Dominator HD)
  • There will be optional prop guards, so effectively it can be used as a cinewhoop for indoor
  • It designed to support many different HD action camera in mind

Flywoo Venom Hexacopter Support Hd Action Camera

It looks like a mini version of a “cinelift”.

Flywoo Venom H20 Mini Fpv Drone Hexacopter Gopro Hero10 Bones Camera


  • FC & ESC : GOKU HEX F745 16*16 STACK
  • Frame: Venom DJI HD Frame kit
  • Motor: Nin V2 1203 Pro 4850KV
  • Propellers: Gemfan D51-5 5-blade
  • Receiver: ExpressLRS 2.4GHz (other receiver options available)
  • VTX: Caddx Vista
  • FPV Camera: Caddx Polar Nano
  • LiPo Voltage: 4S
  • Weight (w/o battery and gopro): 100g
  • Weight (with 4S 450mAh, w/o gopro): 157g
  • Weight (with 4S 450mAh and GoPo10 Bones): 211g

Closer Look

The Flywoo Venom is similar size to a 2.5″ cinewhoop, but actually more powerful.

Flywoo Venom H20 Mini Fpv Drone Hexacopter Size Compare Cinewhoop

Flywoo Venom H20 Mini Fpv Drone Hexacopter Bottom Frame

It uses the Caddx Vista VTX with its heatsink removed. Not a great idea for cooling, but it reduces the weight by almost 10 grams which is significant for an aircraft this size. This mod is called “Naked Vista”, I talk more about the pro’s and con’s in this post. Cool thing is that Flywoo have already activated and upgraded the Vista to the latest version for you in order to minimize the risk of damaging the VTX when you are doing it yourself without proper cooling.

Flywoo Venom H20 Mini Fpv Drone Hexacopter Side Fc Stack

Flywoo Venom H20 Mini Fpv Drone Hexacopter Rear I found the Venom is more forgiving than a quad of similar size when you hit something, most of the times it just bounces off the wall/branches and carries on. I think it’s because of the two extra motors, when one of the six motors stops producing thrust, you are only losing 17% power on a hex instead of 25% on a quad.

Flywoo Venom H20 Mini Fpv Drone Hexacopter Motor Prop Landing Gear

With that said, I still recommend getting the prop guards when purchasing this hex, it will make flying indoor and in tight spaces much safer. The prop guards add about 9 grams of extra weight.

Flywoo Venom H20 Mini Fpv Drone Hexacopter Propeller Guards

The landing gears have about 20mm clearance for the battery, so when you are selecting battery, make sure the battery height is lower than 20mm.

Flywoo Venom H20 Mini Fpv Drone Hexacopter Front Fpv Camera The FPV camera lens is well protected by TPU protector, tilt angle can be adjusted easily.

Flywoo Venom H20 Mini Fpv Drone Hexacopter Fpv Camera

The FC has bright built-in RGB LED, and they also installed two RGB LED on the bottom of the two middle motors too. They light up as soon as you power on the drone.

Flywoo Venom H20 Mini Fpv Drone Hexacopter Led

A power cable for the Naked GoPro is installed out of the box. It connects to the LiPo battery pads, and the connector works on the Hero10 Bones. The connection isn’t as tight as the original connector, but it seems to stay in place just fine even after a few crashes. This connector does not work on other Naked GoPro BEC boards, such as the BetaFPV Hero6, Nameless Hero9 and GEPRC Hero8. If you want to use these cameras you will have to solder your own power cable.

Flywoo Venom H20 Mini Fpv Drone Hexacopter Gopro Hero10 Bones Camera Power Connector

How to Setup

To bind receiver, connect and disconnect battery quickly two times, the 3rd time you connect the battery the receiver will be in bind mode (I didn’t bother to flash the RX firmware to set the bind phrase). Then enter bind mode on the radio by going to the ExpressLRS LUA script.

To bind the Vista to your DJI FPV Goggles, simply following these instructions. The Vista is already upgraded to the latest firmware version (1.0606), and it’s in CE mode (3 channels and 25mW max). If you want to enable FCC mode (8 channels and 700mW max), follow these instructions.

The FC comes with Betaflight 4.2.8 version. Board target is FLWO/FLYWOOF745HEX(STM32F745). Original CLI dump can be found here.

Not much you need to change for the first flight, here are what I did:

  • assign switches to arm / horizon mode / beeper
  • rearrange OSD elements
  • change rates
  • enable DShot beacon (for beeper)

That’s it.

Flight Performance

The claimed flight time by Flywoo with a 4S 450mAh LiPo is about 6:30 minutes, while with a 4S 750mAh it’s about 8:40.  I didn’t get that long flight time. I was only getting about 3:30 – 4:00 on a 4S 450mAh, and only 3:00 when carrying the GoPro 10 Bones, and I got 5 minutes on a 4S 650mah. Maybe I was flying way too fast :)

PID tune / filtering still need a bit more work, the hex has some small wobbles even when there’s little wind.

Carrying GoPro

When carrying the GoPro 10 Bones, it feels pretty much like flying a cinewhoop. It’s quite stable, It flies on rail indoor or outdoor when it’s calm. But it can get pushed around by the wind probably because the GoPro is as big as the drone itself, and it almost doubles the surface area.

Because it’s using a naked Vista, I only set output power to 200mW to avoid overheating. I get about 400m-500m range before the signal bars become red (I was pointing the patch antenna at it). I could probably go a lot further as the bitrate didn’t really start to drop, but I really didn’t want to push my luck and range limit, just in case I crash and the VTX overheat and gets damaged sitting on the ground for minutes while I walk over to pick it up.

It’s noticeably quieter than a 2.5″ cinewhoop, such as the BetaFPV 95X when flying in similar speed. With the prop guard I think it makes a great indoor filming platform as it has more power and agility while being similar size to a 2.5″ cinewhoop.

Without HD camera

Without carrying the weight of an HD camera, the Flywoo Venom has a ton of punch! You can fly it pretty much like a 5″ freestyle drone and do all the acro tricks, but there’s some prop wash when you do sharp turns and recovering from a fall. Not sure if it has to do with the tune, or caused by the air disturbance between the overlapping propellers. Anyway, it handles windy condition much better than when carrying a GoPro for sure.

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ReviewD 17th December 2023 - 1:08 am

Does anyone know what the DJI version price was before it got discontinued?