Review: Runcam Eagle 2 Pro FPV Camera

We recently reviewed the Runcam Eagle 2 FPV Camera and we were blown away by the brilliant image quality, as well as the much improved latency. However we weren’t totally happy with it because of a few long expected, but missing features. Runcam listened and they’ve finally released the Eagle 2 Pro to meet all those demands.

The Eagle 2 Pro camera is now available at or for international buyers.

Here is my review of the Runcam Eagle 2 FPV Camera. Check here to learn about the basics of FPV cameras for quadcopters.

New Features and Changes In the “Pro” Version

Without having tested it just yet, I was told the Eagle 2 Pro is basically the Eagle 2 with a few new features and changes:

  • Built-in OSD to display battery voltage, timer and pilot name – indeed there are a lot of other OSD options, such as Betaflight OSD built into flight controllers, but for those who don’t have these options it’s a great to have OSD capability in the camera
  • 4:3 and 16:9 image aspect ratio selectable – the camera does this by simply chopping off the left and right sides of the image in 4:3, giving you a narrower FOV as well (140 degree in 4:3 vs 170 degrees in 16:9)
  • Onboard microphone for those who want to record audio in FPV or hear motor sounds during flight
  • 3 grams lighter than the previous version (15g vs 18g) by using non-metal housing

From the spec however, the Eagle 2 has a better low light sensitivity (0.01Lux with the pro vs 0.0001Lux with the non-pro), this could mean the Eagle 2 might perform better at night than the Pro.

Unboxing and Spec of the Eagle 2 Pro FPV Camera

  • Input Voltage: 5V to 36V
  • 800TVL
  • FOV: 16:9 – 170°, 4:3 – 140°
  • NTSC/PAL selectable
  • Current consumption: [email protected] / [email protected]
  • Weight: 15g
  • Dimension: 28mm x 26mm x 28mm (LxWxH)
  • Latency is the same as the Eagle 2: at around 25ms

The Runcam Eagle 2 Pro comes with standard accessory just like any other Runcam cameras.

The mic is located at the back of the camera, right next to the connectors, this should eliminate much of the wind noise.


The Eagle 2 Pro seems to have a thicker body probably due to all the added features. But Runcam managed to maintain nearly the same dimension (length, width and height) by using a shorter lens. I am interested to see how this new lens perform compared to the older “GoPro” lens.

Is there something still missing?

There is still no “flip” option in the settings, so you cannot mount this camera upside down.

I would love to see the threaded holes in the housing can be replaced with metal inserts, they seem to be stronger and more resistant to thread stripping. Update: Runcam told me that there are actually metal inserts in the holes… but with the paint they were hard to be recognized.

Image Quality Testing

So here is the comparison video between the new “Eagle 2 Pro” and the previous “Eagle 2”.

Test 1

As the first test, I put in the exact same settings I had on my older Eagle 2 FPV camera, which I personally like a lot:

  • Sharpness – manual – 5
  • Edge – auto
  • Saturation – max – 15
  • Brightness – 44

It’s pretty clear that the Eagle 2 Pro has a much darker image, but the FOV is about the same. Looking at the result closer, I noticed the Pro has more digital artifacts in the image, which is caused by sharpness setting being too high. Maybe the setting scaling has changed?

Test 2

So in the next test, I tweaked the settings on the Eagle 2 Pro and see how it improves, the Eagle 2 settings remain the same:

  • Sharpness – manual – 0
  • Edge – manual – 0
  • Saturation – max – 15
  • Brightness – 48

Now the brightness is closer to the Eagle 2, but it still seems 4 to 8 levels lower than the other camera (i.e. it can go up to 52-56 range). The image looks much softer now, and there is no more digital artifacts, but part of the image look kind of blurry. And it’s worth noting that the left of the image looks sharper than the right, I am not sure what causes it and I have reported the issue to Runcam see what they think.

Update (31/Oct/2017): Runcam believe the camera I have has a misaligned sensor therefore causing blurriness in some part of the image. I am getting a replacement and will do another test when it gets here.

Update (25/01/2018): I finally get around to test the Eagle 2 pro again, against the older Eagle 2:

Overall, I still prefer the image from the Eagle 2 (previous version), it has less digital artifacts, colour looks more natural and less magenta. Although WDR is equally good in both cameras during the day, the Eagle 2 performed better at night and low light.

My Final Settings For the Eagle 2 Pro

  • Sharpness – manual – 2
  • Edge – manual – 2
  • Saturation – max – 15
  • Brightness – 52

Comparison with Foxeer Predator

Full review of the Predator.

Issue with “White Out Screen”

The Eagle camera line (including the Eagle 1, Eagle 2 and Eagle 2 Pro) has a common problem, where the image can sometimes go completely over-exposed (white out) when you flip your quad from the ground to the sky.

I didn’t have this problem at all, until very recently. However you can easily “fix” it as described here in this article.

18 thoughts on “Review: Runcam Eagle 2 Pro FPV Camera

  1. Randy

    FYI I just bought an Eagle 2 Pro at hobbyking and it has a flip option. I mounted it upside down no problem.

  2. Jason

    So does both the 4:3 and 16:9 camera share the same vertical FOV? Asking because im not a fan of the normal 16:9 vertical FOV. Great write ups btw :)

  3. BorgQuads

    For the settings option “Edge” do you mean gain? I can’t find anything in the menu called “Edge”.
    Thanx for your work.

  4. Bryson Pulley

    I can get to the osd screen for voltage name and timer. Can’t get past that. O have no idea how to get to the camera settings. No info in the instructions and no videos of how to get there just videos of what they have change. Can you assist?

    1. Juan

      I am having the same problem. And the manual do not tell how to enter the camera menu. I try any key hold and still I can’t access that menu .
      Help please !

  5. Andrew G

    Have you had a chance to look at the replacement Eagle 2 pro yet? It would be helpful to know if your first one was a once-off bad one or whether they are all bad like that. Thoughts?

    1. Gespar

      I had same problem and i simply got it fixed by refocusing the lens. Lens seems to be little bit tilted because of the threads. So you need to find exactly correct spot for lens tightness or half of the image is blurry or over sharp.

  6. Jakub

    Hi Oscar,
    I saw you’d still recomment Eagle 2 over the Pro. Can youexplain why you like non-pro more? I’m torn between those two.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Because I got a faulty Eagle 2 Pro when I tested it the first time. Runcam sent me a replacement and I haven’t tested it properly yet.
      But both cameras look close enough with some setting changes, i can’t say which is definitely better.

  7. Jack

    Please test whether this version has the white screen issue the last two had. I’m talking at the end of flips or rolls in low sun.


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