Best Gifts for People Flying FPV Drones and RC models

by Oscar

Christmas is coming soon, in this post I will recommend some awesome products that probably anyone flies FPV drones and RC models would love to receive as gifts.

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Soldering Iron

A good soldering iron makes building drones more enjoyable and helps improve drone build quality. The TS100 is probably the most popular soldering iron in the hobby, you won’t go wrong with it. Don’t under estimate these soldering irons just because they are compact and portable, they actually perform just as well as bench soldering iron if not better. Another company makes the exact same soldering iron and call it SQ001, exact same thing just under different names.

The TS101 is the newer version with the added ability to be powered by a PD charger or power bank via USB-C, but has the same performance as the TS100. It’s also an excellent choice, you can’t go wrong with either of them.

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Speedybee Adapter 3

Speedybee Adapter 3 Fc Wifi Betaflight Config Wireless Dongle

It’s a useful tool for configuring your Betaflight flight controller, it supports WiFi as well as Blueooth, so it covers both Android and iOS users. Not only Betaflight it also supports BLHeli_S ESC configuration, ExpressLRS and Blackbox! It also acts as a USB charger for your phone and GoPro, a pretty versatile tool to take with you. Check out my review to find out more.

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Vifly Short Saver V2

This is a must have tool if you are building a new drone. It’s used for testing and powering new drones, so if something goes wrong it will cut off the circuit to prevent further damage due to short circuits. It also has an on/off button which is handy when you need to power cycle the drone. See my review how to use it.

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Drone Backpack

Auline Backpack V2 For Fpv Drone Magnetic Buckle Strap Outside

Perhaps a bit expensive for a backpack, but as someone who have been using a dedicated FPV backpack, I highly recommend getting one. They are designed specifically for FPV gear, has enough room for most if not all of your stuff that you need.

Currently I am using the Auline FPV Backpack v2 on a daily basis and absolutely love it.

Tiny Whoops

Newbeedrone Acrobee65 Blv3 Tiny Whoop

Tiny Whoops are tiny little drones that have propeller guards and you can fly them around the house. They are a lot of fun and relatively cheap and safe to fly around people, perfect for the winter when you can’t go out and fly the bigger drones.

I have a whole buyer’s guide explaining what the best whoops are and accessories to get, but to sum it up here, right now I would recommend the Mobula7 1S.

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Gates for Tiny Whoop

These are small gates for the little drones to fly through. You can set them up like a race course, and it’s the best way to make flying in the house exciting, and help the pilot to work on their drone flying skills in the winter when it’s too cold to fly outside.

Beginner Drone Kit

Betafpv Cetus X Fpv Kit Beginner Drone Radio Goggles

For someone who’s completely new to flying FPV drones, it’s a great idea to start with a drone kit. These are relatively cheap and comes with almost everything you need to start practicing and learn how to fly a drone.

I recently reviewed the Cetus X FPV Kit by BetaFPV and it’s probably one of the best kits available in my opinion.

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Sub250 Nanofly16 Ultralight FPV Drone

Sub250 Nanofly16 Ultralight Fpv Drone (1.6inch Toothpick)

The Nanofly16 is a little drone that you can fly in the garden or local park without getting much attention. It’s very light weight, salient and yet has enough power to perform acrobatic tricks. This is one of the best in its class that I’ve tested so far.

Product Page:

P200 Bench Power Supply

If you do not own a bench power supply yet, the ToolkitRC P200 is a great one to start with. You can change the output voltage and current limit with the dials, it’s extremely useful for testing things, power your soldering iron, or even use it to power your LiPo charger. The USB-C output is also useful for charging your USB devices. This has probably been one of the favourite tools in the last couple of years.

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Want More Ideas?

Check out the gear I use everyday and see what might be interesting to you, and also here’s a list of products I’ve reviewed and would recommend. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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Jacob 30th November 2017 - 11:38 am

What would you recommend – for a starter fpv racer in about 100 GBP price range?

Edward W. Edwards 17th September 2016 - 8:25 am

It flys very well but I bought this for the headless mode so it would be easier for my daughter to fly. I have tried several times to get it inti headless mode and all I can get is a bunch of beeping from the remote that wont stop. The instructions for headless mode are not good or mine doesnt work right.

Mike 23rd November 2017 - 2:54 pm

What is “it”? Several models in the article and you just say “it”.

Slava Chrome 6th November 2018 - 6:30 am

Who knows, who knows :))