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EMAX MT2204 2300KV Motor – MT1806 2280KV – 1804 Difference

I was asked what the differences between are EMAX MT1806 2280KVEMAX MT1804 2480KV, and EMAX MT2204 2300KV Motors. And which one is the best motor for 250 size mini quad? These motors are very similar in price, mainly different in weight, size, and power. It’s not always true “the more powerful the better”. Stronger motors also draws more current, thus gives you less flight time. Finding a good balance, or knowing what you are after is the key here.

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DIY Simple Motor Thrust Measuring Stand Station – Multicopter RC Brushless

When choosing motors and propellers combo, we often just listen to rumours, or what’s suggested by the manufactures. To determine the optimal motor and propellers combination for your quadcopter and multirotors, the most scientific way is to test it yourself. I tried to look for a ready-made motor thrust measuring stand, most of them are either too heavy (made of metal), too expensive, or out of stock. Looks like it’s time for some DIY fun.

Test video at the end of post.

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