How to change VTX settings from Betaflight OSD or Taranis – VTX Control

VTX Control is a new feature in mini quad VTX’s that allows you to change VTX settings such as channel and output power in your Betaflight OSD or using your Taranis LUA Script. VTX Control is sometimes also called “VTX Telemetry”.

No more fiddling with dip switches or push buttons!

It’s so much easier to be able to change VTX settings remotely using your radio transmitter. It might not sound like a great deal, but once I tried it on my quads a few times, I was totally blown away how convenient it was and I strongly recommend giving it a go yourself!

VTX Control is useful, say when you was in race and you crashed, you can enable PitMode on your VTX right from your seat without rushing to your quad. This ensures minimal disruption to other pilots who are still in the air, and potentially protects your VTX from overheat due to the lack of airflow.

Check out our VTX guide for beginners.


One issue with VTX control from OSD is that you have to be on the correct channel to begin with, otherwise you would have to go through the frequencies on your VRX to find your VTX channel.

That’s why it’s probably easier to do it from your Taranis Screen using Lua script, you can change video transmitter settings regardless of your VTX channel.

Video Transmitters That Support “VTX Control”

There are currently a few different types of protocol that allow users to change VTX settings from their Taranis using LUA Script, or in the Betaflight OSD menu.

However most VTX manufacturers seem to only use either “Tramp Telemetry”, or “SmartAduio”. Here is a list of the latest VTX’s that use these protocols and support VTX Control:

Tramp Telemetry:


All of these different protocols serve the same purpose, and the setup should be similar except in Betaflight Configurator you need to select which protocol you are using.

Hardware Connection

You only need to connect one wire!

Connection of different VTX protocols is the same, the only difference is what the pin is named. For VTX’s using Tramp Telemetry, the pin of connection is usually called “Telemetry“, while for the SmartAudio, the pin is called “Audio” or “SmartAudio“. Some even call them FC UART…

Simply connect the “Telemetry” pin or “SmartAudio” pin to the TX pin of any UART.

Example connection between the Betaflight F4 FC and AKK X2 VTX

Settings in Betaflight

In Betaflight Configurator, go to the Port tab, and under Peripherals of the UART you’re using for VTX Control, choose the corresponding protocol/device from the dropdown.

  • For Unify Pro VTX and AKK VTX’s, choose “TBS SmartAudio
  • For Tramp Telemetry, select “IRC Tramp

Save it and FC should now reboot.

Then go to the Configuration tab, and enable Betaflight OSD feature. If you are new to Betaflight, here is a guide that shows you how to use Betaflight OSD.

Save your changes, and that’s it, you should now be able to access the Betaflight OSD, and see your VTX settings.

To enter the Betaflight OSD menu, simply move your throttle to the centre and yaw left, while pitch forward.

Select “Feature” in the OSD menu.

VTX SA” is for SmartAudio, and “VTX TR” is for Tramp Telemetry. Select the one you are using.

And in this screen you should be able to see your VTX settings.

If no info is displayed, then there is probably something wrong with your hardware connection, or perhaps wrong port settings. Try a different UART if you keep getting problems. Also you can try Soft Serial if nothing works.

The interface is self-explanatory, here you can change VTX band, channel and output power. To save the changes, select “SET“, and “Confirm“.

VTX Control also works with MinimOSD too if your FC doesn’t have Betaflight OSD integrated.

Here is a tutorial how:

How to change VTX Settings from Taranis using LUA script

In order to use VTX Control from your Taranis you need to:

  1. Follow sections “Hardware Connection” and “Settings in Betaflight” in this guide
  2. Setup LUA script on your Taranis; Tutorial: How to Setup Taranis LUA Script in Betaflight
  3. get Smart Port Telemetry working in your quad

This diagram shows you how simple the hardware connection is.

Example connection between the Betaflight F4 FC, R-XSR RX and AKK X2 VTX

And now you should be able to change your VTX settings, PID and rates right from your Taranis screen, how convenient is that?!

Not working?

If you cannot see the VTX page in your LUA script, but you can see the PID and Rate Pages, then there is something wrong with your SmartAudio / Telemetry connection or port config. You should verify if it’s working in Betaflight OSD too.

If none of the pages are working in LUA script (including VTX, PID and Rate), then your LUA script probably isn’t configured correctly. If you are using the R-XSR receiver, you should get it updated to the latest firmware (201710xx) which fixed a known bug with LUA script. (Here is how to flash Frsky RX) Try different UART, and also try Soft Serial.

8 thoughts on “How to change VTX settings from Betaflight OSD or Taranis – VTX Control

  1. Tim

    Great tutorial. I now have Taranis control of vTx, among other things. Had to flash my R-XSR to get the LUA to work. And I used your tutorial for that too. It all worked out. Thanks.

  2. Irwan

    Im using matek hv..its working great but some time the vtx value is not appear, i check the connection all happen several times, even im replace the uart and also replace the matek hv itself with new unit (cause i tought its hardware issue)…any advise on this?

    1. Oscar Post author

      there are still bugs in the LUA script that affect VTX usage, sometimes values get stuck or not appearing until you re-enter the LUA script. Future script update should fix that.

    1. ZEFel

      just by using script VTXprog.lua from that post
      i found one problem – have to change the file name to shorter one. vtxprog.lua >> vtx.lua for my Taranis Q7 to get this script found in custom lua scripts section.

  3. James Heenan

    Hi Oscar,

    I have set-up Tramp Telemetry on my Betaflight F3 board with no problem. I just got a Betaflight F4 board for a new build, and I cannot get Tramp telemetry to work. I have tried wiring and configuring Tramp telemetry with different UARTs, with and without soft serial. No matter what I try, I can’t see or change the VTX channel in my Betaflight OSD.

    Do you have any tips for getting tramp telemetry working with a Betaflight F4 board?


    1. Oscar Post author

      When finished setting up, always power cycle your FC (unplug USB and battery, then power it back on).
      Also with the BFF4, UART2 is inverted, so you can only use UART1 and 3 for SmartAudio.
      It should work with or without soft serial.


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