Betaflight OSD Setup

Betaflight OSD is an integrated component and feature in Betaflight flight controllers. It overlays important flight data on your FPV video feed, such as battery voltage, current draw and much more.

You can even use it as a menu to change your quad’s PID, rates, filters and other settings. This article will go into what Betaflight OSD can do, and how to setup it up.

Betaflight OSD vs. MinimOSD (MWOSD)

Betaflight OSD is simply better than MinimOSD in my opinion, it has the following advantages:

  • Cheaper and solder-free! (Micro) MinimOSD is an separate module you need to purchase and install in your quad, while Betaflight OSD is normally integrated in the FC
  • Configuration is easier! All the OSD configuration can be done in the Betaflight GUI, so there is no 3rd-party software involved and there is no extra firmware flashing for OSD module
  • BF OSD doesn’t take up an extra UART (serial port) as it’s normally connected via SPI BUS

However the latest MWOSD firmware allows MimimOSD to have nearly identical features, settings and controls as Betaflight OSD. So if you are already running MinimOSD with MWOSD you don’t really need to change to Betaflight OSD, just make sure you update your firmware to the latest version.

Flight Controllers that support Betaflight OSD

Not every FC with integrated OSD supports Betaflight OSD, some of them might use 3rd part OSD firmware.

However a lot of flight controllers do these days, such as the Matek F405, DYS F4 Pro, Kakute F4, Omnibus F4 and Betaflight F3. Anyway this should be stated clearly in the product specifications.

Setup Betaflight OSD

Setting up Betaflight OSD is very simple, here are the steps I follow to setup mine.

First of all, you need to make sure the FC has the latest Betaflight firmware (OSD feature is properly supported since Betaflight V3.1).

If the FC has integrated BF OSD, you can simply connect the camera and VTX to it directly. For example, this is how the connection looks like on the DYS F4 Pro FC (assuming both camera and VTX can be powered off 5V).

Camera signal goes to “Vin”, while VTX signal connects to “Vout”.

Connect your flight controller to the Betaflight Chrome GUI, and turn on OSD feature in the Configuration tab.

Then go to the OSD Tab where you can configure the OSD settings.

The OSD interface cannot be simpler, turn on/off the flight data you want to display on the screen.

Video format – choose PAL or NTSC depends on your camera. If you do not know, you can use “Auto” which works fine by detecting the correct video format for you. But be aware that the preview screen of “Auto” and “PAL” are the same, so if your camera happens to be NTSC, the data at the very bottom will not be displayed (because NTSC has a shorter frame). When using “Auto”, it’s best to position the data up toward the middle so they don’t get “chopped off”.

Under “Alarms“, you can set the limits for RSSI, Capacity (battery), Minutes (fly time/on time), and Altitude). When these limits are reached the data will start flashing on and off on the screen.

You can drag the data around in the preview to change their positions and overall layout. But do not put them too close to the edge to avoid getting cutoff in the actual screen.

You can also set and save element position using CLI.

My personally choice of display elements are

  • Main battery voltage – Lipo battery voltage
  • Timer2 – flight time, time since arming
  • Craft Name – custom name
  • Throttle Position
  • Current Draw – real time current draw
  • Mah Drawn – battery capacity used

Let’s walk though the Betaflight OSD menu

To activate OSD menu in your Goggles, do this stick combination:

  • mid throttle
  • yaw left
  • pitch forward

Your throttle would have to remain at around the middle throughout the operation.

From here you can scroll through the menu with the pitch stick, use roll stick to select options. Values can be changed with your roll stick.

There are a lot of things you can change, such as PID, PID profile, rate, rate profile, filter frequencies, etc. And the OSD is just going to get better and better with more options being added into the OSD menu. Most of these options are self-explanatory if you are already familiar with the Betaflight GUI.

However not all the options in Betaflight GUI are available in the OSD, so you can only change those settings on your computer if you can’t find them in the OSD menu, for example d_lowpass_type.

After you have finished editing the options, make sure to save it by going back to the main menu, and select the second last option “Save * Reboot”.


To save and exit, simply YAW RIGHT.

To go back to the last menu, YAW LEFT.

Change Betaflight OSD Font

On the OSD tab in BF GUI, in the bottom right of the screen you will see the Font Manager button. If you don’t like the default font, font size or simply need something more recognizable, you can choose a different font in this window.

Be aware that once you’ve uploaded a new font, it wont’ show it in the preview window. It will continue to show the default one. Don’t worry your OSD will show the most recently uploaded font.


I am not getting OSD text on the screen, why?

Make sure you have chosen the correct video format, try PAL or NTSC see which one works. Another thing is to check your camera and VTX wiring.

Where to change Craft Name in OSD?

In Betaflight GUI, configuration tab, scroll all the way down, and the “craft name” text box is located on the bottom right.

I am getting lots of “V” letters on the screen…

This is a sign of missing font file. Simply upload font again and this should fix it.

OSD Doesn’t Save Font and other settings

The easy fix is to plug in your battery when you are making changes to OSD in betaflight!

Betaflight OSD has its own chip, and power from USB sometimes isn’t enough for the memory writing to work properly. By connecting the LiPo, ensures the OSD chip is fully powered. But if you are doing this make sure you remove your props to avoid any danger.

36 thoughts on “Betaflight OSD Setup

  1. Adrian

    Is there any way to change warnings etc in the OSD.

    I would love custom text.

    Cheers, Adrian

    ps. Thank you for your work!!!

  2. crckdns

    Thanks for all of your tutorials and reviews, it helped me a lot for few years now :)

    Now I have a weird problem with my Omnibus F4 Pro V3 and Betaflight 4.2
    I tried to enable OSD but it won’t show up. Also there is no video-format selection visible in the OSD tab.
    At first I thought it’s because the camera (runcam hybrid) is set to NTSC and I can not set it up to PAL ..
    but then I disconnected the camera and let only the VTX connected to omnibus, yet there is only grey screen without any OSD, so it’s not a PAL/NTSC problem.
    Any idea what could cause this? is the OSD chip (AB7456?) defective? is betaflight not recognizing the OSD chip? would it even show the OSD tab if it wouldn’t recognize it?
    Or is it just disabled in Betaflight and I can enable it in CLI?
    Thanks in advance for any ideas!

  3. Jay

    I have a cl racing 4fs flight controller, a Foxeer Valkor camera, and a Mach 3 VTX. I have the video out from the camera connected to the CAM_S on the FC and the VTX_S connected to the video input to the MACH 3. I have betaflight OSD turned on. No matter what I do, I am unable to get the betaflight OSD to show up in my Goggles. I can see the video image and the Foxeer OSD material, but nothing else. Is there something obvious that I am missing or do I have a bad FC board? Everything else on the FC works fine.

    1. Oscar Post author

      They shouldn’t, the OSD probably just get overlap on top of each other.
      You should be able to turn off OSD in your camera and VTX?

  4. glenn wardle

    hi oscar, ive got betaflight 3.5 everything seems fine apart from one weird thing .
    the “battery usage bar” in the osd .it appears on my screen but is always totally empty whatever the battery voltage..
    just leaves an empty rectangle on screen ? any ideas ..thanks glenn

    1. Simon

      I have the exact same issue. any clues? I set my battery capacity to 1500mah and still nothing, though it does flash when its ’empty’

  5. Joe

    My betafpv board flashed with 3.5 seems to have a weird way of navigating the OSD menu. The sticks are swapped. I have to use throttle to select and roll to scroll the list. Is this a change or a big?

  6. Wild Bill

    Hi Oscar,
    Is it possible to ‘Hack the OSD’ so that it can be used as a multiplexer / second camera stream for video overlay or picture-in-picture?
    This way you could have a second FPV camera pointing backwards as your ‘rear view cam’.
    Just an idea, not sure if it would work.

      1. Stephen Thorpe

        No, but….
        Fit both cameras and use a video switcher, controlled by RC channel switch on TX, to select front or rear view.
        Cheers Steve

    1. UnboundUAV

      This would not be possible.
      Picture in Picture requires another chip as well as memory.
      PIP chips will store the image in memory, format, then play the video asynchronously. It would use way too many resources with our current hardware.

  7. Brigzy

    Hi, I have an Eachine QX65 Micro Quad, it has the Beecore FC, I have all the OSD working with BFlight. One problem I have is that the Bat Voltage constantly flashes on the screen when flying, can’t work out where to adjust in BFlight? Do I need to set an alarm limit? Thx Tim.

    1. Robert Sederburg

      No, you need to have the camera going through the board for the osd to be visible on your screen.

  8. Andrew

    Is it possible to connect MinimOSD to Betaflight based Flight controller which already has OSD chip on board? I have Kakute board with broken embedded OSD chip. Want to connect external OSD , any advice of how to do so? As i understand when i activate OSD in Features it tries communicate with already know on board OSD…

  9. Skyler

    Am I assuming the capacity warning is for mAh left? so if I set it to 1000 the alarm will sound when there’s 1000 mAh left in the battery? A reply would be greatly helpful. Thanks!

    1. Oscar Post author

      That’s the “mah drawn” warning, once your “mah drawn” reach “capacity” set by you, you will get the warning.

  10. kronie

    Do I need to use the 5v/Gnd pins on the board for OSD to work, or can I power my vtx and cam via PDB? My Omnibus F4 doesn’t seem to have any voltage going through the Gnd/Ram pins, in 12v or 5v mode. When I power VTX/cam off PDB I don’t see OSD, but when I do the TX combination to open OSD menu it seems like the menu opens(even though I can’t see it) as I am unable to spin up the props after that.

  11. egvneto

    Thanks for the post. I have a Kakute F4 (furibee X215PRO) and when I uploaded the Betaflight Font, there’s no OSD anymore. Tried to go back to another font and no success.
    Any idea?
    Best regards

  12. Sonny Paredes

    can you please explain why I can test a camera external of the quad and get a clear image, when installed THRU the control board the OSD shows clearly but NO camera image shows just the OSD.
    What did I fail to turn on in Betaflight?

    1. Oscar Post author

      sounds like something wrong with the Vin pin onn your FC, or the OSD chip is just faulty.
      double check your soldering to make sure though.

      1. Kris

        Have checked connections all ok and betaflight ok, OSD will show for a second and than change to black screen. Please help

  13. Stephen

    Hi, I have a few setups with separate mwosd boards and I’d like to be able to use the betaflight firmware on the mwosd board and have the flight controller recognize it as if its an AIO board. Where can I find the firmware to flash to it.
    I just want to use the betaflight osd configurator instead of having to go through the serial passthrough and then mwosd configuration….

    Thanks .

    1. Oscar Post author

      sorry I don’t know if that’s possible at the moment, wiring is not easy as you need to connect it with SPI as far as i know.

  14. Al

    Is it possible to change the language in BF OSD? My HGLRC F4 V5 is defaulting to Chinese (I think) and I’d like to change it to English, but I don’t know where in the menus I can access this.

    1. Oscar Post author

      I am not sure i understand your question fully, but Betaflight OSD does not require the camera to have OSD. The text is generated in the flight controller and overlayed on the camera.

  15. GrannyApple

    Hey is there any chance you can write about using external OSDs with betaflight?

    Blue Falcon(RIP) on YT had a micro minum osd working with a sp f3 Board. I tried hooking mine up to a SP F3evo but the osd tab would register the osd. Osd worrks fine and read attitude and voltage and arm/disarm state. Heading and RSSI stopped working.

  16. ysdairy

    Please tell that the reach of the OSD setting screen and the reach of the picture from a camera aren’t identical.
    In case of the camera which is pal system in particular, actual indication becomes quite smaller than a setting screen.
    When setting an indication element as the end on the screen and the lower end, an element isn’t seen.
    I apologize for that in clumsy English.


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