Review: Lantian 400W 24V Power Supply for LiPo Chargers (Q6)

A lot of LiPo chargers like the Q6 cannot reach their maximum output power and current when you’re running it at low voltage such as 12V. To get the most out of your Q6 charger, you need a 24V power supply.

Since the output is 24V, you can also use it to power your TS100 soldering iron :) It makes a great bench power supply :)

See this article to learn about power supply for LiPo chargers.

Where to Buy?

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  • Input Voltage Range: AC 110-220V
  • Output Voltage 24V
  • Current: 16.6A
  • Power: 400W
  • Size: 222×70×38.8mm
  • Weight: 670g

Closer Look

The Lantian 24V 400W PSU comes with a power lead with USA electrical plug, but you can easily get around with an adapter if you use different receptacles.

Both input and output are screw terminals.

Here is how to connect the input cable to the power supply module. It looks a bit confusing to those who aren’t familiar with electrical stuff I have to say, luckily my unit came connected so I didn’t have to mess with the live, neutral and earth wires. It can be dangerous if you get this wrong.

Not sure why they don’t just use standard IEC 60320 connectors which are commonly used in computers and servers PSU.

And here is the output terminal, connected to a XT60 pigtail with female connector. It has two sets of outputs so you can hook up to two different devices at the same time.

The whole enclosure is made of metal with heatsink on both sides. There is a built-in fan located near the output. The bottom is very smooth, I had to stick some “rubber feet” at the bottom to prevent it form sliding on slippery surface.

Powering LiPo Charger

The voltage output of this 400W Power Supply turned out to be slightly higher than advertised, at 24.6V. Not a problem for the iSDT Q6 chargers though.

This is the iSDT SC620 charger – the Q6’s bigger brother

I haven’t tried running it at its maximum 400W, because my parallel charging board only takes 4 LiPo’s. But running it at 270W for over 20 mins, it still stays stone-cold! Not even warm.

The Q6 is only 300W, so this PSU should be more than enough.

The only complain I have so far is how loud the fan is! Noise level measured at 66dB, it’s like having a vacuum cleaner turned on in the next room. The fan speed seems to be constant, I wish the fan is quieter or smart enough to change speed with temperature.

Not a 400W PSU

My charger sometimes stops charging when running higher than 250W, it seems like the PSU output is very unstable when running at high power, and the charger restarts.

If you are looking for a true 400W PSU, don’t get this one. This is a 200W PSU at best IMO.

DIY Options

It’s possible to build your own charger power supply from server or PC PSU. We have a few posts in the past to explain how.

However I really don’t see why you should DIY, since the Lantian 400W 24V PSU is quite cheap, and it works right out of the box. A pretty good option if you don’t mind the noisy fan :)

15 thoughts on “Review: Lantian 400W 24V Power Supply for LiPo Chargers (Q6)

  1. Miha Holc

    Junk product, Junsi X8 limited for 16.7A/400W, the PSU was able to supply 350W before abrupt voltage cut off from 24V. The PSU never switched back on.

    Better use server PS. :)

  2. Vesko Vasilev

    Mine glitches a lot too. I think the power supply is greatly overrated. 400w my a$$. Very often at start or end of charge the lipo charger will cause the power supply to reset thus resetting the charger as well. Sometimes the voltage will be unstable and charger will say unstable input voltage and sometimes will say Input voltage below (whatever voltage you set – I keep it at 7v). I think setting input voltage or output amps in charger doesn’t fix anything but if you set the Power setting to 280w or less then the power supply and charger work just fine.
    I had it open today, checked capacitors they looked fine. Added more to the secondary but problem still persists. I think the psu is overrated and is more likely 280w or less and if you draw too much it can’t ramp up fast enough and an overload protection kicks in and resets itself.

  3. James G

    So are we absolutely sure this will work safely in UK with AC input of 240v despite the unit advertising input up to 220v?

  4. Fernando PR

    I’m interested in buying one of this to connect two SkyRc e4q on it. Where can we buy more of those Xt60? (with that ‘screws mount’)


  5. John

    My power supply shuts down and charger reboots when my charger is in balance mode, blue screen. Is this just a normal “done charging” procedure or do I have issues with it. Using the Q6 Pro with it. I’ve also had it shut down on my when starting to charge, fan slows and Q6 tells me voltage input is low.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Red means charging, and green means it’s 99.9% finished… Blue screen normally means it’s 100% finished charging.
      You might want to go into the charger’s system settings, and set low input voltage to 23V or 24V… and limit the power to a lower value to avoid overheat? I normally use 200W indoor, and only 300W outdoor just in case.

    2. John

      Here’s a video to show what’s going on, when its in balance mode. Happens every time, must just be the charger resetting so it stops charging?

      1. Oscar Post author

        looks like the input voltage just suddenly drops… it’s hard to say… could be the PSU, or the charger…
        do you have a different PSU you can try with the Q6 to see if you can replicate the same issue? If not I would ask for a replacement.

  6. Chrys Burge

    The fan is rated at 12 volts but there is 24 volts being supplied to the fan off of the PCB.
    This might add to the noise level of the fan.
    I also wonder if it will decrease the life of the fan.?

  7. Danny

    Solid review. I’ve bought one from your link because of it! I also got a Q6 pro and am excited to also use the setup to charge my real car battery!


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